The 3 P’s to eating healthy on a budget

eating budget plan


Eating on a Budget — The 3 P’s


􀀹 Plan meals and snacks for the week according to an established budget.

􀀹 Find quick and easy recipes online.

􀀹 Include meals that will “stretch” expensive food items (stews, casseroles,

stirfried dishes).

􀀹 Make a grocery list.

􀀹 Check for sales and coupons in the local paper or online and consider discount stores.

􀀹 Ask about a loyalty card at your grocery store.


􀀹 Buy groceries when you are not hungry and when you are not too rushed.

􀀹 Stick to the grocery list and stay out of the aisles that don’t contain items on

your list.

􀀹 Buy store brands if cheaper.

􀀹 Find and compare unit prices listed on shelves to get the best price.

􀀹 Purchase some items in bulk or as family packs which usually cost less.

􀀹 Choose fresh fruits and vegetables in season; buy canned vegetables with less salt.

􀀹 Precut fruits and vegetables, individual cups of yogurt, and instant rice and hot cereal are

convenient, but usually cost more than those that require a bit more prep time.

􀀹 Good lowcost items available all year include:

o Protein — beans (garbanzo, black, cannellini)

o Vegetables — carrots, greens, potatoes

o Fruit — apples, bananas


􀀹 Some meal items can be prepared in advance; precook on days when you have


􀀹 Double or triple up on recipes and freeze mealsized containers of soups and

casseroles or divide into individual portions.

􀀹 Try a few meatless meals by substituting with beans and peas or try “nocook” meals like salads.

􀀹 Incorporate leftovers into a subsequent meal.

􀀹 Be creative with a fruit or vegetable and use it in different ways during the week.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

September 2011


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