Advantages of Zumba Class



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For music and dance lovers, Zumba is a workout that combines dance moves, the latest Latin beats and physical exercise. Zumba originated in Columbia by fitness instructor Alberto “Beto” Perez. Perez forgot his regular fitness tapes for a class and had to use the Latin-inspired music tapes in his backpack. The music was extremely popular and marked the beginning of Zumba fitness. The group fitness class provides a variety of health benefits. Find classes at your local YMCA, gym or community center.

Full-body Workout

When participating in a Zumba class, your entire body gets a workout. Unlike lifting weights, where specific body parts are the focus, all muscles move and become toned while you are performing Zumba. The aerobic workout increases your heart rate, often for a full hour.



Fun and Upbeat

Dancing and music are motivating to many. People describe Zumba as a fun and upbeat group fitness class. Most routines are repeated for each class, with slight variations added. Dance moves are based on salsa and meringue. Cardiovascular exercise increases feel-good endorphins, which are released in high amounts when dancing and listening to music.


While participating in Zumba, you are not dancing alone. Group fitness has a variety of benefits, one of which is the social component. You meet new friends who can motivate you to continue taking the class. Working out with others increases your accountability and adherence to attending the class.

Stress Relief

Dancing in Zumba class relieves mental stress and anxiety. According to, exercise decreases your mind’s preoccupation with your daily worries and you begin to focus and concentrate on your exercise moves. Not only does the exercise decrease stress and improve your mood, but also the music eases your mind. Regular exercise also improves your sleep.


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