Did you know your 70 year old mother and your 4 year old kid can Zumba too?

Zumba is for everyone – we welcome all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities!  We’ve had three generations from one family in our class at the same time!  And guess what, real men can Zumba too!

zumba, all ages

   This is “Grandma Barbara” and she comes to our Zumba Class with her daughter.  Barbara comes to class in a walker, gets up and shakes her “thang”, and sits when she is too tired.  She is an inspiration to all becasue she doesn’t let age or physical limitations get in her way.  When she gets tired, she sits in her walker and shakes a shimmy skirt to the music.  Nothing stops her from Zumba class.  Aimee and I modify all our moves so EVERYONE can Zumba.  We modify for the really high levels and for the beginners.

Kids can zumba too! Aimee and I have taught preschools all the way through seniors how to zumba. Families can zumba together too!  We even do birthday parties.  So regardless of your age, we hope to see you in class soon!zumba, kids, families, fitness

kids can zumba


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