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Exercise helps make your skin healthy and attractive

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Exercise helps make your skin healthy and attractive
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Everyone knows about the fat-burning and muscle strengthening benefits of exercise. But, regular workouts can also make your skin look better. Why?

* It boosts blood circulation. The improved blood flow not only brings additional nutrients to your skin, it also helps remove damaging toxins.

* It helps eliminate wrinkles. The blood also carries oxygen that stimulates the production of collagen — the connective tissue that helps “plump up” your skin.

* It reduces stress. From acne to crows feet, many common skin problems are caused by muscle tension and stress. Exercise is a proven way to relieve stress.

* It unclogs pores. A fast-paced aerobic workout causes sweat. And the process of sweating just naturally tends to clean out facial pores.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want a slim, toned flexible body and clear skin? Aimee and Darlene’s note: Come take a Zumba class and let’s get started now!

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