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How effective is Zumba in weight-loss and toning you ask?

A big part of choosing a weight loss regiment is choosing something you are going to continue doing. Zumba appeals to a lot of people because it has a dance aspect, which makes it fun for them.

As to how effective it is, that really depends on the length and intensity of your workout. There is a lot of movement to it, and if you are actually working hard (and sweating), then you are burning off calories. Sometimes as much as 600 plus calories a class. That means, assuming you watch your diet as well, you will lose weight and achieve muscle tone pretty quickly.

I would suggest that you do a combination of activities (helps mix it up, too).

  • Zumba – A few times a week. This is your cardio/weight loss exercise.
  • Weight/Strength Training – Do this once or twice a week. Doing this actually helps you burn MORE calories when you’re doing your cardio portion because your muscles require more energy. It’s been shown time and time again that individuals who supplement cardio with weight training maintain a healthier physique and reduced weight.
  • Eat Correctly – Do NOT starve yourself or go on any fad diet. Eat properly. Healthy proteins (chicken, fish, etc). Vegetables. Fruits. Don’t come home from a class and gorge on ice cream or you will see no weight loss (and probably the opposite). However, it is good to reward yourself at times (at least a couple times a week) with a small treat. is a great resource.

Keep those three things in mind, and make sure you’re working out at the proper intensity level, and you will see the changes you are looking for.

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