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Zumba fitness teaches us to let go and enjoy the moment!

We are grateful for Zumba and the escape it provides us, but we more grateful for our supportive students who make it all worth while. Each and everyone of you should really strive to use the one hour Zumba class to let go of inhibitions,  cares,  worries, and stress and just let the music and movement overcome your body! It isn’t about looking cute when you dance,  trying to copy our movements exactly, or anyone else’s. It is about having one hour of you time, where you can be completely consumed by music and dance.  It is about forgetting  the hectic lives we lead!  Below is a paragraph describing the Zumba program from Z-life magazine that sums it up for us.
“Zumba class feels like an hour of living in the moment, and it is. In time, though, it becomes more than just an hour-long activity, it becomes a lifelong endeavor. The Zumba program is about expressing ourselves exactly as we are and loving every moment of what we do. Sure, there are steps to follow, shifts in rhythm, the warming up and the cooling down. But it teaches us and our students how to let go and enjoy. We let go in Zumba class and learn to let go in life. These are the moments when we feel most alive; and for these moments, we feel gratitude.”
We are grateful for all of you and then energy you give us in class!  If you haven’t come to one of our classes yet, here is a free coupon.

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